Multiple Layers of Eye Protection

When we think of shades, with their recognize to eye safety, we think first and main of UV safety.
The suns’ Ultra Violet Rays have both advantageous and poor effects on the human condition. One of the positive effects of the suns’ rays is that they induce the production of Vitamin D in the pores and skin. Obviously this is best a nice effect while publicity is confined and underneath the proper conditions. Over exposure can cause sunburn and other terrible pores and skin conditions.

However, it is the UV rays results on the eyes which worries us. According to Wikipedia, while the eyes are exposed to immoderate amounts of UV light, eye systems consisting of the cornea, retina, and the lens can be damaged. Wikipedia in addition states ” Protective eyewear is useful to folks who is probably exposed to UV radiation, specifically short wave UV’s. Mountaineers are exposed to better than normal degrees of UV radiation, each due to the fact there may be a lack of atmospheric filtering, and because of reflection from snow and ice.”

Most essential to this discussion of eye safety is the following information from Wikipedia.
” Ordinary, untreated eyeglasses deliver some safety. Most plastic lenses supply extra protection than glass lenses, due to the fact glass is obvious to UVA and the not unusual acrylic plastic used for lenses is much less so. Some plastic lens materials, inclusive of polycarbonate, inherently block maximum UV. There are defensive remedies to be had for eye glass lenses that need it, on the way to supply higher protection. BUT, even a remedy that completely blocks UV will not guard the eye from light that arrives across the lens.”

The solution is protective, polycarbonate, shades. In specific the Dry Eye or Climate Control collection of safety sunglasses, through Wiley X, give more than one degrees trendy men glasses of maximum, eye protection. The Dry Eye series, with polarized lenses have a removable facial hollow space seal. This relaxed, ergonomically designed, foam seal suits the prevalent face. The Dry Eye series of shades, with polarized lenses, supply the eyes more than one layers of most safety within the following approaches.

1. The facial cavity seal blocks out harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sides in addition to the pinnacle and backside of the eyes.
2. The facial hollow space seal additionally blocks out wind which can pressure and dry out the eyes.
3. The facial hollow space seal also has a patented top down(tm) air flow system which keep the eyes cool and at ease, while preserving the lenses fog free.
4. The Polarized lenses block out, no longer simplest 100% of UV rays, however additionally comprise 99.9% polarization sincerely disposing of dangerous glare, resulting in clear, sharp imaginative and prescient.
Five. The facial cavity seal additionally blocks out airborne debris, including sand and pollen.
6. Last however not least the patented 8 layered polycarbonate lens surpasses ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity and Ballistic standards. In a phrase, (SHATTERPROOF).

When all of the above said features are mixed with diverse long lasting, stylish frames, which are genuinely indestructible, you have a couple of shielding sun shades which might be very flexible, with a couple of layers of eye protec